Estate Planning

Estate Planning may be the most important task that you undertake for yourself and for your loved ones. Estate planning gives you peace of mind knowing that if something happens to you, your family will be financially cared for and that your business can continue without you.

What is Estate Planning? Estate Planning is making provisions and preparing for your death or possible incapacity, which is often unexpected. Additionally, creating an estate plan confirms that you decide who will be in charge of your person and property if you should become incapacitated or die. Importantly, if you fail to plan ahead and then become physically and/or mentally incapacitated a Court will be required to appoint a Guardian to take control of your person and/or property. The Guardianship process is costly, complex and time consuming and the Court decides who will become your Guardian.

The most important and useful estate planning tools include: Last Will and Testament, Health Care Proxy, Living Will, Power of Attorney, Statutory Gifts Rider, Post Mortem Declaration, Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts and Deed transfers. At Christina M. Panzarella, P.C., we tailor each client’s estate plan to the needs of the client. We understand that every person and every situation is different. Our goal is to find and create the estate plan that addresses the specific needs and address the issues of each client.